Writing a book – Finishing my homework

At first I thought it would be easier to write this book than the one for BOCOG. But I was wrong. I haven’t been feeling like this for more than 10 years, I guess. It’s just like the last night of my summber vacation when I hadn’t done any homework yet. It happened a lot when I was in primary school. I never finished my home work for the summer vacations and winter vacations since middle school. Cuz since then I didn’t care about it anymore. Now the girls from the publisher call me every now and then to check out the progress. I have to finish the book as soon as I can. Every day these days is just like the last days of my childhood vacations. The only difference is that I can never cry while writing as I did back then. When am I gonna finish it? Oh, God!

Using SCIM in English interface



sudo apt-get install im-switch scim


sudo im-switch -s scim -z all_ALL
im-switch -s scim -z all_ALL


No system wide default defined just for locale en_US .
Use "all_ALL" quasi-locale and set IM.
update-alternatives: Cannot find alternative `/etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim’.


update-alternatives –install /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL xinput-all_ALL /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim 30


Ubuntu (pronounced "oo-boon-too")

Ubuntu is a South African ethical ideology focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other. The word comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages. Ubuntu (pronounced "oo-boon-too") is seen as a traditional African concept, is regarded as one of the founding principles of the new republic of South Africaband is connected to the idea of an African Renaissance.

A rough translation of the principle of Ubuntu is "humanity towards others". Another translation could be: "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".

         "A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As a platform based on Linux, the Ubuntu operating system brings the spirit of ubuntu to the software world.

(Above is from the document "About Ubuntu")