Local man married to his blood sister committed suicide

Local man married to his blood sister committed suicide

by Princess Conswenna

Alex Wang, a 32-year-old man, was found dead in his bedroom by his neighbor Mrs. Li yesterday. According to Mrs. Li, Alex was a nice and helpful man, working in a IT company. He married a woman from the same hometown a month ago. Mrs Li went to their wedding and they were really a happy couple and so made for each other. Nobody could believe he would committ suicide a month later.

The police cordoned off the spot and found a letter from his newly married wife, in which, she said when she went back home after their wedding, she found out Alex was her brother, who was lost at the age of 2. Their mother recognized him from a honey moon picture taken on the sea shore, in which Alex showed his very special birthmark shaped like a three-leg horse on his chest. The mother went to talk to Alexes present parents to confirm it. It turned out it’s true. The happy couple are brother and sister. The bide was desperately sad and decided to leave without telling him where she was going.

Alexes parents came right after they recieved phone call from the police. The four parents cried together for the lost of both children.


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