Rain Man – Kim Peek (2)

Kim Peek has really earned his nickname “Kimputer” (computer). Kim remembers everything as pure unfiltered data like a computer does. The real Rain Man knows two thousand years of calendar dates, all the dialing codes and high way systems in the USA, all of the historic dates of the world and every tune he’s ever heard. But he cannot fry an egg or dress himself. He will never have a driving license or a girlfriend. That would just be too much for his brain.

Kim Peek有一个名符其实的昵称“Kimputer”(电脑Computer的谐音)。Kim可以像电脑一样把所有东西都以纯粹的不经过滤的数据一样存储下来。这位真正的“雨人”记住了两千年的日历日期、美国所有的区号和所有的高速公路系统、世界上所有的历史性日期和他听到过的所有的曲调。但是他却连鸡蛋都不会煎甚至不会自己穿衣服。他永远不会获得驾驶执照或者找个女朋友。这些对于他的大脑来说都太多了。

Kim is over fifty but still lives with his father Fran in Salt Lake City. Every day his father dresses him, brushes his teeth and accompanies him to the city library. Over the years Kim’s read about 12,000 books and hasn’t forgotten a single word. He has never learned them by heart. He has simply read them every book exactly once. There are over 200 boxes’ worth of books sort on his brains hard drive.


Fran: When they gave him a test and gave him 8 pages he read them in 53 seconds and two hours later had a 98.7% recall including the page numbers. So he got them all in order. So something in his optical system allows him to put things in order when his reading. I asked if I can take the same test coz his brain is the only thing everybody’s anybody’s studied. It took me 23 minutes to read what he read in 53 seconds and I had a 54% recall which was normal.




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