Not As Much Of A Tongue-Twister

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Good morning. I’m Steve Inskeep. We still do not know how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. We do know that woodchucks pose a danger to gardens in Wisconsin. They could chuck flowerbeds, even undermine foundations with their digging. So the state is striking back with a proposal to establish a hunting and trapping season. So the question now is, how many woodchucks could a woodchuck hunter hunt if a woodchuck hunter could hunt woodchucks? You’re listening to MORNING EDITION.

Storm Chaser Proposes To His Girlfriend And She Accepts

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Good morning. I’m David Greene. So if you go on Alex Bartholomew’s Facebook page, you’ll see some photos of him proposing to his girlfriend. Behind him, there’s a picturesque Texas landscape and a tornado, which was exactly how Alex wanted it. He’s a storm chaser. And he wanted nothing more than to go down on one knee and pop the question with a potentially deadly twister right in the shot. Believe it or not, she said yes. Here’s hoping she’s not in for a stormy marriage. It’s MORNING EDITION.

QB Aaron Rodgers Gets Class Out Of Final Exam With Retweet

Rachel Martin @rachelnpr

Good morning. I’m Rachel Martin. What some kids will do to get out of a big test. After getting pressure from her students, sports literature teacher Laura Roberts agreed to cancel the final exam if Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers retweeted someone from her class. A student named Peyton Meyer tweeted out the request to Rodgers, adding this note about his teacher – please retweet, she’s your biggest fan. Rodgers responded – I’m sure a sports lit final is very important, but here you go. It’s MORNING EDITION.

Australian City Of Melbourne Finds Novel Way To Protect Its Trees

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Good morning. I’m Steve Inskeep with 21st-century tree hugging. Melbourne, Australia, wants to protect its trees, so the city assigned every tree – tens of thousands – individual email addresses. If a tree is vandalized or diseased, you report it with that email. Residents realized you could also write letters to trees, which some do. A note to Green Leaf Elm, tree number 1022165, says, we don’t have much to talk about, but I am glad we’re in this together. It’s MORNING EDITION.

George W. Bush Photo-Bombs A Reporter

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Good morning. I’m David Greene. So Fox Sports reporter Emily Jones was just doing her job, talking on camera about a Texas Rangers player, when a baseball fan photo-bombed her, walked by and yelled hey.


GEORGE W. BUSH @georgewbush


EMILY JONES @EmilyJonesMcCoy

What’s been the difference? What clicked for him…

David Greene

It was just a former U.S. president, George W. Bush. He told us recently, after the poncho incident at the inauguration, that his daughters did warn him about the goofy stuff.



Dad, you’re, you know, a national tweet sensation or whatever they say. You know, you’re trending or whatever the words are.

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