US [tʃʌk]
UK [tʃʌk]
int.亲爱的 (对妻子、爱儿、小鸡等的爱称);咕咕(呼鸡声);咯咯(母鸡叫声)

verb (used with object)

  1. to toss; throw with a quick motion, usually a short distance.
  2. Informal. to resign from; relinquish; give up:
    He’s chucked his job.
  3. to pat or tap lightly, as under the chin.
  4. Informal. to eject (a person) from a public place (often followed by out):
    They chucked him from the bar.
  5. Slang. to vomit; upchuck.


  1. a light pat or tap, as under the chin.
  2. a toss or pitch; a short throw.
  3. a sudden jerk or change in direction.


  1. chuck it, British Slang. stop it; shut up.